How to connect an email to Outlook using SMTP

Facing issues connecting your email account to Microsoft Outlook? This guide will show you how to connect an email to outlook using SMTP and will also help for connecting other email clients as well like Opera Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Requirements to connect an email to outlook using SMTP :

  • Microsoft Outlook (Used Outlook 2019 in Guide)
  • Email account with SMTP details

Extra Information

  • We are using the domain and as email for demonstration
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
  • Standard SMTP details
    IMAP Port: 993
    POP Port: 995
    Outgoing SMTP Port: 465
    IMAP Port: 143
    POP Port: 110
    Outgoing SMTP Port: 587 / 25
    Note: IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication. SSL and IMAP are recommended.
  • If you are using Cloudflare’s nameserver then make sure the A/CNAME records are not being proxied, otherwise, the mail system will not work.

Procedure :

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Outlook will open a popup window like the below image. Enter the email address you want to add in Outlook and Expand Advanced Options to check the ‘Let me set up my account manually’.

email to outlook 01

Select the IMAP/POP mode of email advanced setup. We will recommend using IMAP.

email to outlook 02

On the next screen, it will ask to enter the incoming and outgoing email server details. Enter your details along with the ports as shared in the ‘Extra Information’ section above. We will recommend using SSL Settings. Do not forget to select Encryption Method as SSL/TLS and tick Require logon using SPA as in the image below.

email to outlook 03

A window asking for the password of your email account.

email to outlook 04

A new window with a successful message will be shown like the below image, once the account has been added to the Microsoft Outlook client.

email to outlook 05

Press the Done button in the last window and you will see emails syncing in the Outlook client as below image.

email to outlook 06

Congratulations you have successfully connected email to outlook using SMTP.Need to create an email account on cPanel/DirectAdmin Server? Check the guide below for detailed steps.

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