How to check SSL status for your domain

In this guide, we will explain how to check SSL status for your domain. The main purpose of SSL is to ensure privacy, authentication, and data integrity for your website. provides free SSL for every domain hosted with us.

Check SSL Status

We can use any public SSL testing tools available. We will list down a few below.

These testing websites will ask you domain/hostname in the textbox and will show the SSL test results. Please do note that SSL tests can take 3-5 Minutes to provide every detail. You will get similar results if SSL is issued correctly by the server.

ssl status domen 01

If your domain has a Valid SSL, your test results will show up similar like the above image.

If you find any errors in the SSL test or SSL has not been issued then you can proceed following the guides linked below to issue SSL for your domain on cPanel/DirectAdmin Server.

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